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One of my biggest career thrills came last summer in July of 2018 when my graphics and branding were featured at the opening of the Malta Stock Exchange, which featured the debut and announcement of Palladium - the first regulated, unified platform for fiat banking and cryptocurrency in the world. A joint venture with Unikrn, Palladium means that users will be able to make cryptocurrency payments for their bills, buy crypto from their checking account, or swap crypto assets without needing multiple wallets, all from a single platform.

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This is just a small sampling of some of the projects that I've done over the years, including print and digital. Almost everything that you see in print were my creations, along with a majority of the photography. Most of the web designs featured here are at least a couple of years old, and almost all of them were built to work with a content management system (CMS). While I designed and coded the front-end templates for the sites and created the majority of the graphic elements, almost all of the content created on the sites was done by some of my various clients themselves.

what's that?

"Jay began his 5-years of service to Rock 300 with the initial task of integrating Rock 300, Inc. onto the Web. By 2003 he had accomplished this task, with a beautifully designed interface featuring 10-music channels, graphics for each, and he designed a complete back-office account control interface for my staff to manage subscriptions and troubleshoot in real-time."
Paul Alexander
Vice President, StudioStream
"At Interactive Life Forms, LLC, Jay was a senior level designer placed in charge of all the branding and web interface UI for the company. His designs have been launched in several media: web, print, email, etc. and are already yielding greater returns in sales and traffic than the previous designs did. "
David Ashley
Chief Technology Officer, ILF
"Our clients have been impressed with his range of knowledge, his ability to meet tight deadlines and the excellent quality of his work. Along with his creative abilities and technical skills, Jay assisted in the marketing for our annual trade show, The West Texas Bridal Showcase. During the expo, our clients at the trade show were impressed with his vivacious personality and energy."
Terry Mikeska
"Jay is a highly competent graphic designer with additional technical skills. He's able to pick up new techniques and procedures very quickly, and is good at tracking multiple simultaneous tasks in a fast-paced environment."
Jame Scholl
Quality Assurance Consultant, ILF
"Jay has great attention to detail and will not be satisfied until the entire project exudes the client preferences with his suggestions vetted in vast experience. Jay is personable and answers all questions thoroughly, giving his clients the feeling that their inquiries are important and that his responses are complete and accurate."
Floyd Crider
Former U.S. Congressional Candidate
"Jay is detail-oriented, creative, and fun to work with. He created a website for our business that was exactly what we needed, and based on our initial meeting with him, was exactly what we wanted. He had the forethought to include elements on the website that we hadn't even thought of at our initial meeting. He made the few changes we requested quickly and without any hesitation."
Ami Mizell-Flint
Freelance Writer & Marketing Consultant
"Jay created some fantastic designs to work with our needs in offline and online marketing. He produced the creatives with minimal information and always to a high standard. Jay is a real pleasure to work with and I'd recommend him for any multimedia creative assignment."
Jason Fazey
General Manager, Fleshlight Australia
"Jay is one of the most creative designers I have had the pleasure of working with. He is detail-oriented and thinks outside the box. He is always looking for new and innovative designs that speaks to your audience. I highly recommend Jay. He is also fantastic when it comes to music mixing and producing spots."
Daryl Greene
StudioStream Signature Sound

I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, so...

how exactly did we get here?

I've been designing and drawing as far back as I can remember. Growing up, it was the talent I was always known for among my friends and family; my grandparents still have some of those drawings I did as a kid framed and collecting dust in their living room. In the mid-90s, before most people even had internet access, I began playing with graphics in Photoshop 4.0 and designing my first websites, writing HTML by hand.

Here's my official résumé. It tells the rest of the story:

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Although I can certainly function as a jack of all trades so to speak, graphic design and front-end web development are where I truly thrive. Sure it helps to have a strong understanding of all these other concepts and the processes invovled to create them, but graphic design and front-end development is right in my wheelhouse, and where I contribute the most to a project. Here's how:

graphic design

Creativity is my passion, no matter the format nor the delivery. I love surprising people with more than they expected. I draw an amazing amount of satisfaction in educating people on my approach to a design and seeing the light go off when they see what I see. And, I take pride in giving businesses a face to the world that rivals even the biggest of competitors.

My favorite part of graphic design is that it really requires a two-part mastery of not only creativity, but the technical aspects of design as well. That is where most "graphic designers" fall short. You can make things look pretty all day long, but if you can't correctly apply your work to the proper medium and put it to effective use, it doesn't really matter.

Without that technical expertise, all you have is "graphics" and not "design".

web development

Unlike most graphic designers of today, this is where I started. Most designers get an understanding of the print side of design before they make the transition to digital since there's a much smaller learning curve involved. But, I was fascinated with the internet from the onset, seeing the potential to reach much larger audiences much more efficiently than print could ever accomplish. This unintended reversal of the typical trend is what makes me such a good front-end designer.

Most web developers and coders are not actually designers. Many of them can translate the designs of others into functioning interfaces, but you rarely fine someone with the creative mind of a designer coupled with the coding and layout mind of a developer. The asthetic, functionality, and user experience of a site is truly my passion, and something that many small businesses fail to see as an extension of their marketing and branding.

printing & prepress

Having a graphic designer that also understands pre-press and printing is a major advantage. You wouldn’t believe how much time I’ve spent fixing mistakes made by other graphic designers to get their artwork print-ready because they don’t have the meticulous attention to detail that good printers require. Again, if you can't properly apply your art, it doesn't matter how creative you are. And again, my experience is what sets me apart.

Having spent a lot of time working with and in printshops and pre-press agencies, I know first-hand how printers think, too. I've worked on just about every kind of print project you can imagine - from large-format printing and package prototyping to layout pagination and printer spreads. My experience also includes color correction, recreations, vector conversions, and even digital film positives/negatives for presses and screen printers.